Desalination water treatment

Our innovative water treatment solutions for desalination

Nxo-engineering provides compact, automated and reliable solutions for the Desalination Industry with its innovating accelerated flotation technology. Nxo’s solutions are conceived to:

(1) meet our clients specific quality requirements with the minimal operation costs.
(2) ensure operational safety in the facilities.
(3) respect environmental regulations.

Nxo’s engagement philosophy has resulted in an unique know-how build-up during the last 8 years on the field.

Seawater pretreatment

Reverse osmosis (RO) semipermeable membranes remove ions and molecules from seawater (SW). They are at the core of most desalination facilities and their lifetime and performance (fluxes and recovery percentage) rely on the efficiency of eliminating larger contaminants through pretreatment stages.

Suspended solids (SS), colloidal matter, bacteria and algae clog pores either by a direct obstruction or by promoting biofouling. The Tetra-Axial DGFTM outperforms conventional pretreatment stages (sand filtration and ultrafiltration) by offering 7 major advantages:

– Plug-and-play devices
– Reduced energy consumption
– No clogging issues
– Low maintenance costs
– Low footprint requirement
– Wide range of algae and solids removal
– Improved water loss control (<1%)

Water water desalination

Water Treatment for Desalination with Tetra Axial® technology.