Biomass water treatment solution

Our innovative water treatment solutions for Biomass

Nxo Engineering provides compact, automated and reliable solutions for the Biomass Industry with its innovating accelerated flotation reactor: The Tetra-Axial DAFTM. Nxo’s solutions are conceived to:

(1) meet our clients specific quality requirements with the minimal operation costs.
(2) simplify human tasks as it is a self-sufficient process.
(3) respect the most restrictive environmental regulations.

Nxo’s engagement philosophy has resulted in an unique know-how build-up during the last 8 years on the field.

Algae harvesting unit

The profitability of biomass on high-value molecules depends on the efficiency of separating algae from water. Algae harvesting is considered the bottleneck stage.

Despite the culture medium, i.e., hypersaline, seawater or tap water, the Tetra-Axial DAFTM offers 7 major advantages compared to classical treatment procedures (decantation or centrifugation):

-Plug-and-play device
-Reduced energy consumption
-No clogging issues
-Low maintenance costs
-Low footprint requirement
-Wide range of bio-particles extraction -Improved water loss control (<1%)

Tetra Axial Biomass

Water Treatment by Microalgae Biomass with Tetra Axial® technology.