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Micro algues spiruline madagascar

Production of spirulina microalgae

Client: CEE4

Place: Madagascar

Date: 2017

Mission: Construction, export and commissioning of freshwater purification unit (in skid) for the production of Spirulina microalgae

Traitement des l'eau conchyliculture

Aquaculture process in shellfish culture

Client: Marnostra

Place: Frontignan (34)

Date: 2018

Mission: Installation and commissioning of networks and aquaculture process equipment of a shellfish farm

Traitement des l'eau conchyliculture

Microalgal biomass production


Place: Sète (34)

Date: 2019

Mission: Construction and commissioning of 3 photobioreactors for the production of microalgal biomass

Recirculation aquacole

Aquaculture recirculation in seawater


Place: Palavas (34)

Date: 2019

Mission: Construction and commissioning of 2 aquaculture seawater recirculation systems from the broodstock hall.

Signature Nxo engineering

Purification of oysters


Place: Loupian (34)

Date: 2019

Mission: Construction and commissioning of 6 oyster purification basins and the seawater pumping process (cold units, etc.)

Station d'épuration

1st positive energy and negative carbon wastewater treatment plant in France

Client: Monptellier Métropole Méditerranée

Place: Cournonsec (34)

Date: 2019-2020

Mission: Construction of the first positive-energy and negative carbon-footprint wastewater treatment plant demonstrator in France

Signature Nxo engineering

Conservatory measures and air treatment


Place: Béziers (34)

Date: 2021

Mission: Implementation of precautionary measures for concrete after lifting the Béziers wastewater treatment plant by temporary ventilation and treatment of stale air.

traitement eau aquaponie

Ulva production


Place: Port Saint Louis (34)

Date: 2021

Mission: Construction of a pilot unit for the production of starch-enriched ulvae

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