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Our innovative water treatment solutions for Upstream Oil and Gas

Nxo-engineering provides compact, automated and reliable solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry with its innovating accelerated flotation technology. Nxo’s solutions are conceived to:
(1) meet our clients specific quality requirements with the minimal operation costs.
(2) ensure operational safety in the oilfields.
(3) respect environmental regulations.
Nxo’s engagement philosophy has resulted in an unique know-how build-up during the last 8 years on the field.

Water injection

Water-flooding technologies rely on the efficiency of removing contaminants that could plug the reservoir and/or damage injection equipment. Despite the water source, i.e., seawater, river water or produced water (PW), the Tetra-Axial DGFTM outperforms classical treatment procedures by offering 7 major advantages:

– Plug-and-play devices
– Reduced energy consumption
– No clogging issues
– Low maintenance costs
– Low footprint requirement
– Wide range of oil and solids removal
– Improved water loss control (<1%)

Tetra axial water treatment

Water Treatment for Oil and Gas Industry with Tetra Axial® technology