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Nxo-engineering is a company specialized in providing water treatment solutions for every industry that involves water resources: oil & gas, desalination, agro-industry, municipal, aquaculture, etc. These tailored eco-solutions lead to a smart and rational water management. Our know-how remains the design and construction of turn-key devices aiming to improve our clients’ competitiveness.

Nxo’s medullar asset is its multidisciplinary team who combines, in a synergetic approach, their professions background experience in hydraulics, mechatronics, electrical engineering, civil engineering and informatics. Their efficient integration positions Nxo as a unique provider of energy-efficient, compact, automated and reliable solutions.

Our passion pushes us to find new alternatives to face global challenges by innovating on the field of wastewater treatment and reuse. The development of our procedures relies on a continuous R&D and engineering activities.

Nxo’s team develops three technologies: membranes, flotation reactors (Tetra-Axial DGFTM) and phyco-remediation facilities. Our short-term goal is to make them achieve their full recognition worldwide as international industry standards. They are specifically designed to minimize carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption.

Conscious of our role in our clients’ profitability, Nxo’s team is extremely engaged to accomplish any non-traditional objectives they are aiming. No matter how challenging and ambitious it is.

Nxo’s team recognizes that is by targeting the impossible that industry and society moves forward.

Further than innovation: your goal, our commitment.

Energy Positive Waste Water Treatment Plants

Energy Positive Waste Water Treatment Plants

Profitable waste water treatment: a new strategy to face global warming A very ambitious objective is being pursuit by the French startup Nxo which promotes and develops innovative eco-solutions using microalgae catalyzers to treat sewage and make it profitable. Nxo’s...

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